Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tee Ball, Baseball, and the CRUSH

We are in the beginning of little league season! The oldest three are all playing, which makes for a busy schedule!

Doodle was not excited, he just wanted to stay home on Saturday and play skylanders giants. Bean thought it would be soooooo fun and sooooooo cute to wear a super ooper shooper baseball outfit but add ribbons to her hat to mAke her look perfect for her coach to put her in the game for the team because she would be perfect for the game with ribbons in her hair and gasp! She forgot red nail polish! Needless to say, her excitement is exhausting!!!

They both caught a grounder, which is good for their spirits. Doodle can hit! Bean cannot. She can't even make contact with the tee. She hops up to the tee, kicks one leg really high in excitement, then uses the bat for momentum to swing her body around in a circle while squealing, "wheeeeee!" But wouldn't you know it? The second time at bat...She whacked the ball!

Which takes me to oldest. Monkey is intense about the game. We can totally blame his daddy for that. He can hit well, he can field the ball fast, and he's becoming a good little pitcher!

So we have some neighbor girls who have become big fans of Monkey. So much that K, this cute 10 year old (gasp! Older woman!). Totally has a thing for him. It's SO weird watching a school girl crush from the mom perspective! She and a couple of girls hung out by the boys dugout, and she would ask for Alex every now and then. She offered to go buy him a treat at the concession, would ask him other questions... My sweet clueless boy had no clue what was going down! I wanted to go over there and shoo the girls away--their distracting my boy from the game!-- but then I realized, nope. He is totally with his head in the game.

Man.... Am I really at this stage? I'm a little league mom. It's kind of a sliders moment. I feel like I'm still in college sometimes, trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up, but now I'm ushering my own children through their formative years and singular moments.

Watching this school girl crush moment happen made me think back to my first crushes. I had a crush on this one boy in elementary school because he lived the band Rush and wanted to be a drummer. In Junior High I had a crush on a boy who wanted to be an actor. In high school.... Well, lets stop there.:)

So what's it going to be for my kids? Hopefully I can lock them away until
Their 21, but I'm curious to see how these formative moments unfold for my children.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Preschool at the beach

I've second guessed my decision many times to not enroll the twins in preschool. Obviously the decision boiled down to a financial cost....600$ a month at the ghetto play school.... Would have been $850 at a decent school. A month.

But since the money tree I planted has only yielded leaves and not Benjamin's, I have been "home schooling" preschool. It's days like today, when the weather is good and the moment right.... That I am grateful I can take my twins of mass destruction anywhere on a moments notice.

Things will be different come fall. They will be in kindergarten, music, athletics.... Uh.... pWhy am I blogging on the beach? Time to enjoy this fleeting moment.